I reported one of my apple phones lost , I found the phone months later, Verizon blacklisted my imei number as they should since I thought it was lost.

I called them when I found the phone and said hey I found a phone that I reported stolen a while back and since I am the owner and the one that reported it stolen I would like it removed from this list please, the lady asked for the imei and imei2 numbers which I provided, a few moments later she says ok it has been removed would you like to connect to to a new account and number now and I said no I may use it later on which is why I wanted it off the black list but I don’t want to active it now, well I then checked the imei numbers and they are still on the blacklist. I would like this resolved please! It isn’t stolen! Or lost! It was lost but i found it and it was bought in my name originally 

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Thank you for reaching us through this channel. Could you please let us know if you got a replacement of it by the insurance? If the answer is "Yes", we would not be able to return it from black list because policies. If the answer is "No", please contact us throughout the following number in order to assist you, about take it back from blacklist:

Phone: 800-922-0204
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