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I have an iPhone 5s and last year my parents renewed the contract without knowing about the edge program so

now I'm stuck on a two year contract. I moved to my own line in September and I've been wanting to upgrade but I'm not sure if I can because when moving to my own contract, I brought along the two year contract. Is there a way to get out of the two year contract or avoid paying full retail price for a phone.

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There's no real way "out of a contract" - but there are ways to get a new (different) phone for less than retail.  Sites like swappa have some deals, eBay, perhaps a friend that has a spare...  how long until you are out of contract?

It's worth shopping around, as a "contract" deal and upgrade is not always your best option, and buying phones outright seems to be the trend, either full price up front or a payment plan.  Even Google Fi lets you pay off the phone in monthly installments!  But I digress...  you are not going to avoid paying full price unless you go third party (eBay, swappa and the like).  Even in a contract, your line access fee is more, so you pay the same or more over two years anyway.