Impatiently waiting
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when I ordered my phones on 9/30 I was given the delivery dates of 11/9 and 11/30.  I took them at their word that the s would be the absolute latest date of shipment.  I als got trade in credit for one of my old phones where it says I can trade I. My phone up to 30 days after receiving new phone.  These things I learned from emails i received on the day I ordered my new phones.  There are way too many people complaining about not receiving there phones when they were told the date they would ship. There are also way too many people complaining about not understanding the rules for the trade in on the old phones when it was spelled out plainly In the email I received and they must have also.  Had to get that off my chest until then I am impatiently waiting for my iPhone 7 pluses to arrive

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Re: Impatiently waiting
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M8rsoup, I assure you that it is our goal to deliver the new phone as soon as possible and we can completely understand the sense of urgency. It's important to us that you have the right expectation for the order.

If you need additional details on our trade in process or submissions, you can each out to our trade department at 800-416-8894. Also, the order does have an expected shipping date. If needed, we can take a closer look at the order you and discuss details. Please reach back out to us with any other questions or concerns and we will be ready to help.


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