Impossible to return iPhone 12 Pro Max to Verizon

I have spent countless hours on the phone and via the internet/website to get this new iPhone 12 Pro Max back to Verizon and have not received the box or return shipping label.  I can tell you I have called several times within the 14 days to return the phone that I am not satisfied with.  Each call, where it is generally at least an hour on hold, (once the operator picked up, and because their connection was bad, they hung me up rather than put on hold), it a painful process to wait for a human.

I have had three calls to Verizon and one online chat with a representative.  Each time, they tell me I have to wait for a box to arrive my home with a return shipping label. Why not email me the shipping label so I can return in my own box instead of holding everything up?  I have not received the box or label, and now am on hold for the 4th time.

Is there a better way to resolve this?  A better way to get the return label so I can return the phone?  I even tried a corporate office in my area, but none are open due to the pandemic.

Re: Impossible to return iPhone 12 Pro Max to Verizon
Customer Service Rep

We are sorry you are having such a hard time to return your new phone, cisgeek. Have you tried to print out a return label from your My Verizon account online? Here is more information on returning orders: