In Store Pickup Nightmare

Tried to transfer my number from Visible (a Verizon MVNO) via an online order for a new account using the BYOD plan. ($250 gift card, free activation...the deal is still being offered). 

The in-store associate and manager were helpful, but were not able to help me with the pickup. The system totally messed up the order. My number was not able to be ported even after the manager calling three different corporate departments (port dept, telesales, and "Core"). I ended up having to get a new random number.

Two things - the first bill had a $40 activation fee which I assume is from the manager clearing everything out to try to setup things fresh, so it wasn't eligible for the free activation (not my fault, I'd like that to be waived).

Also, porting a number in is required for the $250 mastercard credit, so I'll probably get declined for that too. But that it not any fault of mine, again. I'm even pretty inconvenienced from this because of the need to change my phone number with everyone.

I'm kinda ticked that their system wasn't capable of doing this properly. I've already tried Live Chat for the activation fee waiver. It was like talking to a box of hammers.

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