Inability to send texts via Wi-Fi...

Newer Verizon customer here... This will be a bit long winded so I apologize in advance.  I signed on and activated two IPhone XR's whilst giving the previous IPhone 10's we had to family members on the same new family plan. We carried the Iphone X's over from our previous service at ATT. We live in a semi rural area and had ZERO problems with our X's via Wi-Fi calling and data at this location. I am very sure my home Wi-Fi is adequate and set up properly as I am a network engineer by trade and spent 11 years previous working in telecom as a residential and commercial installer/repairman. I have made VERY sure my home internet and router aren't at fault in this case but still have continuous problems with the two IPhone XR's sending and receiving text messages. The incoming texts arrive all at once several hours later than sent and the outgoing messages won't send far more often then not. This is both to Iphone AND Android platforms. Both Iphone X's seem to be fine. It's just the XR's.  I have several quality complaints about this phone as it is and will be upgrading in a few months but in the meantime.... What can I do to remedy this? We utilize these handsets for business and it's not working out. I realize it's my own fault for not researching the devices more thoroughly but the agent made it seem as if it was a no brainer as it was a next level device. The quality of the XR is awful when compared to the X. I've never been so unhappy with a specific device in my life and have been told "tough" you need to pay it off before you can upgrade. Any help with my messaging issues would be appreciated as I have apparently taken it as far as I can on my own...

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Re: Inability to send texts via Wi-Fi...
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Hi Thekidtk, 


We are so happy to hear of your recent purchase of the iPhone XR for both lines. We know that having a properly working device at all times is important and we want to help. Does this issue only happen when you are at home or everywhere you travel? If at home only, does the issue only happen when connected to the router?