Intentionally misled by franchise sales representative. Who should I talk to?
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I've had a lot of issues with Verizon's direct sales representatives over the phone and have always tried to handle things myself online. I went to a local franchise to get an update on an eligible phone, was presented with the (buy one get one) iPhone 11 offer and took it. At no point during this did the representative mention anything about requiring a bundle. Only adding a new line, which I was fine with.

Then I'm rang up for a whopping $380, which he says is "tax". He also says it comes with a case and screen protector (which he didn't mention to me until I asked about the high price). When I told him I didn't need it, he said he couldn't remove it and that it was part of the bundle. To make it even better, this happened during that cellular outage, and he said he couldn't process it until tomorrow. But he had me pay upfront! Convenient. So as of right now, I don't have any of the physical items I purchased, I'm supposed to pick them up tomorrow.

He didn't even give me a receipt. I had to ask him to print one, and it didn't show an itemized receipt (of course) just a flat $380 charge. I tried to do a similar order online to see what added up, and saw that you can DECLINE the bundle. Which means he literally lied and told me I didn't have a choice. I'm going in tomorrow to ask for him to cancel the order and refund me. After that, I'm cancelling my service with Verizon. I've been ripped off by both corporate and franchise and I have no reason to stay with this company.

Has anyone experienced this? If he refuses to refund me, should I contact corporate?

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