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So I recently ported both my parents and sister onto my Verizon plan from AT&T adding 3 new “Do More Unlimited” lines.  After speaking with the salesperson at the Verizon store, we were assured that use of International FaceTime was free of charge for all users on the Apple platform.  Furthermore, it was confirmed to us via a call with a Verizon rep, that with the “Do More Unlimited” plan, you had the ability to send texts internationally to 200 countries free of charge...  Vietnam being included on the list.

My mother has been FaceTiming my 2 cousins in Vietnam, who are both iPhone 12 users when she was on AT&T without issue.  For some reason, there doesn’t seem to be the option to FaceTime them when we go onto their contact page over on the Verizon side.  She also tried texting them as well and they haven’t received her messages.  Needless to say, my mother is not happy with me or Verizon, when she was assured the international FaceTime and texting option was available through Verizon.


Please help!

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Try doing a network settings reset 

Re: International FaceTime & Texting
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Hello, LQT, we understand how important this feature is for your users on your account. In order for the FaceTime to be possible, the Voice and Data need to be enabled, please see link for instructions: . Let us know if this works out for you. BrittanyC_VZW