International calls to india

I received my bill today and have 2 international call charges to India totaling 298.80 (151.89 and 146.91). I do not call internationally, I have no need for international calls, text or data, and I called in to customer care. I do not ever enjoy calling in and chatting is worse. The IVR is one of the worst in terms of time to connect to a representative and the callback feature had me wait 15 minutes on hold once they did call back. After getting connected, I am getting transferred from customer service to fraud and then back to customer service for over an hour; as if was not frustrating enough... Now I am being told that they would offer to reduce the charge by half! Absolutely not - I did not call India, it shows as origination from a landline in my local area (odd this is a cell phone) - no other calls have ever shown that on my bills. I am waiting patiently on hold while other options are explored....


The solution is simple - removing the charges - block international calling/receiving as I have never requested it (I have to need for international features), and review how to prevent this from happening again for other customers. This is ridiculous and have no idea how I can be charged for two calls that I did not make or accept (as international). I would hope that they would add a safeguard to prevent international charges such as a pop up that one would have to agree to prior to ever being charged. I did not ask for or ever want international calling, roaming, or texting - this has now consumed 2 hrs of my day. If that is how Verizon wants to bill more money I am leaving to any carrier and will not look back. 

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