International charges for whatsapp Incoming and Outgoing call

Verizon Wireless is keep charging me for International call which I am making Via Whatsapp and using Wifi or phone data but not using Verizon Cellular. I have called Verizon many time for requesting International block on my account and customer care person told me at lest 3 time that they have put block on my account but I am still getting charge for International call and they are saying its valid charge even I made that call Via Whatsapp when I am at my home on my wifi as per them if you have Verizon network on your phone then you will get charge for International call even if you make using whats app regardless of outgoing or incoming call. Which is totally wrong and from last couple time when call them they are hanging my call after few min talking and never returning call back and not returning my charges which I have pain around $500 in this year and half.

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Re: International charges for whatsapp Incoming and Outgoing call
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WhatsApp doesn't guarantee you won't be charged for international. Turn your cellular off.