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As soon as I leave my wifi at home, I lose the ability to use almost every app on my phone.

It varies, but when opening the mapping programs, or searching on the internet, or texting and other apps tell me no signal.  I see "LTE" on my phone.

I may be able to respond to email at a particular time or have no problems.

I switched from T-Mobile in Januyary.  I rarely had such problems in the past, but I have some sort of problem 90% of the time as soon as I leave my apartment.

I live in Seattle.  According to the maps I've checked, there is enough capacity.

This is any time of the day or night on any day.

Could a setting be incorrect?  Of is the Verizon Network so clogged, I should not expect to use data apps when away from home?

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Re: Internet//data Apps via Cell
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We're here to help! What troubleshooting has been done on the device? What update is your device on? AustinL_VZW