Internet order cancelled

I ordered an iphone on 12/23 for same day delivery and paid for it in full.  My order was cancelled by Verizon for no reason.  I've been on phone with Verizon 4x since then and each time they say the order will be canelled in the system and my charge will be credited.  Today my call was disconnected.  The charge is still on my credit card.  I ended up going in store to buy the phone and did the payment plan on my bill.  How can I get this credit for first order back to my charge??? I have already spent hours on hold and talking to verizon.


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Re: Internet order cancelled
Customer Service Rep

Ocmurph, this is certainly not the type of experience we would ever want our loyal customers like yourself to endure. We apologize for the issues you experienced with the order you placed on 12/23 and we want to help you. You should never have to call us four times to resolve an issue. As a consumer, I know how vital it is for you to receive a refund for the order that was canceled. To ensure we provide a resolution we will need additional information. I sent you a private message. Please reply at your earliest convenience. JacobV_VZW