Invalid Address. Please try again. — VERIZON TRADE IN ISSUE

I am running close to my trade in date. Best Buy told me Verizon would send me a kit to trade in my phone. It never came. I tried starting the process online and I am getting an Invalid Address error. I have chatted with 3 different people and no one has been able to help me. They said it was an error with the site and to try again tomorrow. Here we are over 24hrs later and the same error is occurring. I tried tracking my trade in status and it says the email linked to my account doesn't exist. I've tried doing the process in the app and on a web browser and it doesn't work. I also tried in Chrome and on safari and it still does not work. Someone SEND HELP. Please. I'm begging. The people at Verizon do not know what to do clearly.Screen Shot 2022-10-24 at 7.25.20 PM.pngIMG_2856.jpgIMG_2857.PNG

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