Iphone 11 Trade in Issue.


I am active duty military so visiting the store I went to is not really an option for me right now (Ruben M Torres Blvd Suite A14, Brownsville, TX). I went home for leave mid March of this year, and went to this store for a new phone. I traded in my old phone (iPhone 11), for the one I now have with Verizon, an iPhone 14. I traded in the old one solely because I was supposed to receive an $800 rebate from it. 2 months go by, and I still hadn't received the rebate. I tried dozens of times at this point to call the store number and never get an answer. No matter the time of the day.

I then went home last month for an unfortunate circumstance so I figured I'd stop by the store to see why it hadn't hit my account yet. The employee said they "lost it", and part of that may have been the reason why they were going through new management. He also mentioned they took note of it, and I would see it on my account next month. He said if they don't find the phone, I will still get credit since it's negligence on their part. 

It's now the end of August and there's still nothing. I've talked to customer care, and support and they couldn't do anything for me. I had one support request opened: [Edited for Privacy], and nothing. Additionally, I've been emailing someone and nothing either. This person has been helpful, and unhelpful at the same time. They asked me to locate the IMEI number for my old device. I've tried every single way possible of obtaining this but can't. I have not had a service with a phone company since I've been stationed overseas for the past 2+ years. It's no longer part of my account. Additionally, this person said they have no camera footage of proof since it only goes back two months. "We have no way of proving that the device was left in the store due to the fact there is no documentation and no camera footage because we are past 60 days and we are not able to keep camera footage past the 60 days." 

It's extremely frustrating to know that I need to walk into this location recording my session to verify proof of service being rendered. This same situation actually has happened to someone else in this exact store location per their Google reviews. This whole situation has been a nightmare, and disappointing to say the very least. Please help rectify the situation, thank you so much. 

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