Iphone 12 calls network issues

We have been experiencing people not being able to hear us every time they call us. If we hang up and call back, sometimes it's fine, sometimes they drop.  This all started with IPhone 12.  Before this we had an XR, a network extender and used wifi calling and it was working.  In researching this community in 5 minutes I saw posts with hundreds of people having the same problems. What is going on. How can we be paying for cell phone service and it be so troublesome?


The reps have been nice and even offered to replace our phones after much troubleshooting. Unfortunately now i realized they are sending IPhone 12s again. I would prefer to go back to our XR over this if it will get me my reliable service back.  Wifi Calling or network extender, neither working.  

Neighbors said they had to switch to TMobile, is that the next step?

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Re: Iphone 12 calls network issues
Customer Service Rep

We'll be happy to look into this with you, daileyl1. We'll send you a private note to proceed to account support.

- Henry