Iphone 13 Pro Max 1 TB - BOGO - NOT BEING HONORED - Bait and Switch
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I upgraded my lines in March to take advantage of a BOGO being offered by Verizon for Iphone 13 pro max. (buy one get $1000 torwards the 2nd phone)

I received 1 of the 2 phones (the one on the payment plan) the other phone was never shipped to be due to a billing error that Verizon never followed up on.  The order for the 2nd phone - The BOGO one- was canceled by Verizon and now they don't want to honor their agreement since their offer has expired. 

Verizon Customer service's solution to this problem has been to offer me new BOGO offers... Management is completely out of touch with its customers if they genuinely believe this to be "good customer service"  I feel bad for Verizon employees working in customer service who seem to have their hands tied when it comes to the options they have to help customers. 

I have a few solutions that seem completely reasonable and very fair to me. 

1. Verizon honors our BOGO agreement and ships me the iPhone.

2. Verizon credits my account with $1000 & I use that credit to purchase and iPhone 13 pro max

3. Verizon credits me $1000 dollars towards the balance on the phone that they shipped. 


Verizon expects its customers to pay on time. or they cut off service. It seems they dont believe that honoring agreements is important. If this issue isn't resolved I will be leaving Verizon out of principle. I do not want to give my hard earned money to a company that cant figure out how to keep its customers happy. 



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Re: Iphone 13 Pro Max 1 TB - BOGO - NOT BEING HONORED - Bait and Switch
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We never want to hear you looking to leave the Verizon family. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you have gone through with the bogo offer. If I could provide the bogo promotion I would apply it in a heartbeat. Keep in mind, once the promotion is expired the system removes the code from our database. I know this can make things frustrating for the customer. I will submit feedback to our management on this experience to improve. Please share with me any details on why the second order was canceled?