Iphone 13 Pro Max Blacklisted

Hi. I hope you can help me with my Iphone 13 pro max. It was blacklisted by Verizon company. I bought it here in the Philippines and after almost 1 yr of using it the screen turns white. I suddenly went to apple store to get it fix but after 1 month of waiting they called me that it can't be fix because apple advised that the phone is missing. Then I called apple, after their thorough checking they found out that the company who blacklisted it is Verizon Company. They blacklisted my phone last March 3, 2022 after I bought my phone. I bought it brand new with box and receipt.  How come that it is a missing phone? Can you help me as soon as you can? Or can it be remove from apple blacklisted list? 

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We want to make sue that you receive the help that you need. Please send us a Private Note for help with your device. *Brittany