Iphone 13 order - Trade In Instructions Missing

i just got my 2 iphone 13's in,

Activated fine.  Switched from ATT.

Was told at time of purchase (on phone with verizon) that i would get $1000 each phone trade in + up to $500 (the current iphone promotion).

Received the phones today with no instructions for trade in, never got any trade in emails.  How am i supposed to know what to do with the old phones ?

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Re: Iphone 13 order - Trade In Instructions Missing
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They should of sent you boxes. I ordered 2 new phones snd only got one box. Then had to order 2 more but the return receipt was different. Didn’t say anything about the 1000 trade in. So I’m a lil concerned. Still haven’t gotten my new phones though yet. I would try calling Verizon or how into your account and see if you can order return kit