Iphone 13 pro max backorder
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I finally decided to upgrade after 3 years from an android to the blue iPhone 13 pro max 265gb. I ordered it on 11/6/21 and it says estimated shipping is 12/10/21. Its only been 4 days and im already frustrated. My question is has anyone ordered this specific phone and got it faster then expected? Thinking about canceling my order and going with the Samsung S21.

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Re: Iphone 13 pro max backorder

Cancel it. Ordered the light blue one on October 16th cus it was the earliest backorder ship date (said by October 29th). It’s November 16th and haven’t heard a word. And my phone is probably not going to have the same trade in value by the time I get the new one. And then I won’t even want the new one haha With the whole supply problem, it prob won’t be for quite some time. Ridiculous. They shouldn’t give an estimate if they are going to be so off.