Iphone 4S with iOS5 not connecting to our Exchange server.

Help!! i have upgraded to the new iphone with the ios5 and it will not sync with my exchange server! All other iphones in the office are iphone 4 and on the older os and they work fine.  is there some magic settings that our IT guys need to change?  the iphone 4s on AT&T works just fine!

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Re: Iphone 4S with iOS5 not connecting to our Exchange server.

I've found a fairly straight forward fix if you're having this problem, I'm sure it won't work for all but it will work for some.  This is easier to try than restting your network settings and deleting your iCloud account, so try it first.


If you've already got an Exchange account set up but not working - you get the "Password Incorrect" message then;  1) delete the Exchange account. 2) set up a new Exchange account. 3) enter your Domain name. 4) continue set up as usual.  My iPad 2 wifi/3G is connected to iCloud and my company Exchange server, I get the full Outlook suite email/contacts/calendar/etc.


I found that for some reason omitting the domain name during set up, even though Apple says it's optional, really isn't so that your device recognizes your Exchange server.  Here's a quick tutorial I slapped up on You Tube.  If this doesn't work then try the other methods. 


Good luck.