Iphone 7, unlocked, APN Settings

Recently broke my Iphone X and my wife has an old IPhone 7 I am using. Model is an A1778 and I got it unlocked by ATT. I can make calls, have data and send imessages. MMS messages do not work, I cannot send or receive.

I know that Verizon Iphones do not have the option to enter these manually and not too many people are familiar with them. Both of the Verizon stores I have went to do not know anything about them.

I am hoping to have some luck here so that I can get MMS messages until I decide what I am going to do with my broken phone

Re: Iphone 7, unlocked, APN Settings
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I am sorry to hear you're having issues with your iPhone X that is broken, mcoakley1. Let me find out some more details and do my best to assist you. What exactly happened to your iPhone X? What app are you using to send MMS messages? Are you able to make and receive calls from the same ones you are not able to send nor receive MMS messages? Do you have MMS messages enabled? Here's a link for more details https://www.verizon.com/support/knowledge-base-207012/



Re: Iphone 7, unlocked, APN Settings
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If you are able to pop in your old SIM card, you may be able to access the apn settings previously entered so they can all be deleted.  

under settings, cellular, cellular data settings (this section is not visible with the VZ SIM card), clear all fields.


put Vz SIM card back and reset network settings again.


this worked for me, good luck!