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I have had my phone for exactly 30 days and I am having serious issues with call quality, Ram usage which causes the phone to freeze frequently or I have to have a Ram wipe app. I have reset LTE setting and tried the suggested various resets. I have read the issue is 2GB vs 3GB Phone memory RAm. or Ram is slowing down the phone and that's the difference between 7 and 7s plus but i cannot find those specs when I look thru Verizon phone log...Neither was I informed of these differences when I purchased the phone. Any help would be graciously appreciated.

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TracyDay, having a fully functioning iPhone is a major key. I love my iPhone too much to see it have this kind of issues as well. What storage size did you purchase? Do you have a lot of storage taken up in use on the phone (as the phone needs some space to function properly). Also, you can view detailed specs of both the 7 and 7 Plus here -> http://spr.ly/65898g5g9


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I have the Red iPhone 7 Plus with no issues.

Take it to an Apple store and let them see what is wrong with it.