Iphone SE not connect to 4g, and issues with text and voice calls
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My Iphone SE is a year old - and was a new phone, not a refurbished one.  .   Since the last update - I am having a lot of issues and my phone is not working half the time.   It wont always send texts - I am switching between having imessages on and off - to try to see if there is a rhyme or reason.  No idea how many text I have not received.    There are times it wont call out, others it will call out and people cant hear me and sometimes I get lucky and it works fine.    It is also randomly not accessing 4g - I have unlimited data, but it drops to 3g or 1x and wont work.  We have 3 other phones in our house connected to Verizon and the iphone SE is the only one experiencing this problem.

I have deleted tons of apps and photos so it is not a space issue.    Thoughts on why the recent update would make it struggle to connect to Verizon network?


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