Iphone X, all bars but no data

Hi, I am located in Austin, TX and my phone normally works fine but when I get to work (to the street i work on) it stops. Immediately as I pull to the street my phone will show full bars (normally I would be missing 1) and my data stops working. I can still text and make calls, but i cant send imessages,, use my internet, checks my bank accounts, nothing that requires data. I know the are is now a dead zone, I've been working here for awhile and this just started last friday. For a good mile left of where I work, and maybe a 1/2 mile to the right of where I work, my phone will have no data. 

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Re: Iphone X, all bars but no data
Customer Service Rep

Dez25, there was a wireless network issue in Austin, TX that impacted service up to the 28th of October. We appreciate your feedback and any prior issues have since been cleared up in the area. Is your service now working as normal?