Iphone XR not powering up or down

My phone was purchased 11/20/18 and has worked fine.  It's been stuck on the power up screen for 2 days.  It won't power up past the apple logo and it will not shut down.  I have $250 left to purchase this phone.  I've been on with Apple support for 3 hours over the past 48 hours.  Apple support wants me to mail my phone in for $399.  I feel that this is an Apple issue why do I have to pay for it?  It seems like I won't be able to trade it in because it won't turn on.  I'm actually considering an Android. 

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Re: Iphone XR not powering up or down
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@delamimicav ,


It's great to know that your iPhone has worked so well for you before, so thank you for reaching out to us. While all of our troubleshooting steps come directly from Apple, have you gone through the steps listed here yet: https://www.verizonwireless.com/support/knowledge-base-220219/ . As we do not have repair services through Verizon, if you feel that this is an Apple issue then have you asked them why you would have to pay them to repair your phone? I only ask because we do not have access to their systems, so if you wanted to know what their charges consist of, it would be better to ask them directly. Alternatively, if you have insurance on the phone, then have you contacted Asurion? They can be found at phoneclaim.com/verizon