Iphone screen protector warranty not honored.
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I purchased an iPhone 7+ in 2017 and purchased a screen protector for $80. The salesman at Verizon told me it had a lifetime warranty and if I ever had a problem, all I had to do was bring it to Verizon and they would replace it for free. I balked at the $80 fee and he said its worth it because the warranty was good forever. I purchased the protector and when I went to the same store today to get the protector replaced, the sales rep looked up my sale and then told me the warranty expired after 2 years and was not actually a lifetime warranty. This is completely dishonest on Verizon's part. The sales rep said I am not the first person to tell him the sales team promised a lifetime warranty. Verizon is aware of the problem and has done nothing to remedy it. Too bad.

Re: Iphone screen protector warranty not honored.
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We would never intentionally hurt you. It is vital to look for the best option to protect your device. Please tell us, what is wrong with your protector? What brand is it?