Iphone was returned damaged

I returned my phone, it was not damaged when it was sent it. NOW I am being charged over $500!  Not only am I out over $500 and I got my old phone back BROKE!!!  And they told me to fix it?! 

I am upset I have been hung up on at least 3 times, chatted 4 times.  I have been LIED  to at LEAST 3 times!!  
I pay almost $400 a month for my phones!  and have been a customer for almost 10 years!!! 

This is ridiculous!  I am not working now because of the layoffs, and I am messed up just like that because I don't have money, because I took it for granted I would not be messed up?!.  IDK what to do 😞 They said it would cost me $2350 to cancel all my phones right now!  I am upset and just plain defeated :(.  

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Re: Iphone was returned damaged
Customer Service Rep

Thank you for bringing this concern to us. We understand the value of staying connected, and we're here to help! For us to take a closer look at this matter, I've sent you a Private Note. We look forward to offering assistance. MatthewI_VZW