Is billing ever actually corrected?
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I switched to Verizon recently and qualified for a promo credit with a trade in, I have screen shots of all of the promotions as I signed up.  I've provided every number, submission id, anything they've asked for and still nothing.  I'm on my third bill and not receiving the correct promotion.  I've spent hours on the phone with reps who assure me that they have taken care of it, not to worry.  I don't even have the $10 off for auto pay and paperless billing which have been applied the entire time.  I'm just shocked at the poor level of customer service so far.  

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Re: Is billing ever actually corrected?

As a last result, I restarted my account anew to solve billing issues, in the transition process the autopay feature was discontinued and the credits were lost in the subsequent bill. I disputed the disruption through the bank that was previously linked to Verizon's autopay. Verizon respond by locking down the autopay feature on my account. This  followed over five years as a Verizon payor without a payment issue of any type.   Hours of customer service by phone, chat bot, chat agent, special transfer and financial payment teams attempts and involving hours of wait and wasted time no viable path to effective personal can be found. Routinely the automated responses and Verizon agent responses, in every respect, lead to a dead end. In sum, in my opinion, Verizon's mix of  limited robotic intelligence and the limited authority of its agents to solve problems  is the worst combination I have seen both in and out of corporate experience.