Is it me or is VZW getting worse?
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Cellular gets no signals (no service), SOS, and very weak connections in many places (rurals, in church, etc.). Its support (phone calls and online) is bad. Prices going up a lot. Even tried newer plans due to legacy plan, but they made no differences. I remember years ago, VZW was better with older iPhone models like 4S and 6 plus. Even with 1X and 3G!

What's up? 😞 Thank you for reading and hopefully answering. 🙂

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Been V customer since it was GTE (2000).  3G, 4G were great.  Now, new buildings have blocked the tower, and I get no signal @ home.  I got 3 bars of cell in the middle of nowhere Australia.  

Tower is 4G , 20Mbps, and V service said they  are not upgrading it.  They are unplugging 3G, towers to save money.  

So yes, V signal is getting worse as old technologies are removed, especially in less traveled areas.  Theoretically, 5G is replacing them, but not quickly.  And, my "Verizon 5G phone" is old enough that it does not get the frequencies V is actually using. 

I renegotiate my plan every couple of years when they increase prices, and currently get a monthly discount for lack of service.  It takes a lot of work.  

I also got a Verizon 4G LTE range expander for free - but beware!  It routes your phone through your internet, and the default is unsecured. So, everyone with a Verizon phone is now using your internet.  It can be secured with a MAC addresses lockout, but it does not work for some phones.  

Goid luck