Is the Apple Pencil 2nd Gen Out of stock??

I ordered an apple pencil 2 yesterday. Shortly after, I was greeted with a confirmation email stating that the item would ship MAY 1st. Given that I selected "FREE 2 DAY SHIPPING" on the checkout menu, I was concerned. I ordered the iPad from a different company and it is arriving sooner. I don't want to have to wait to get the apple pencil after I get my iPad! 

Does this mean that the pencil is out of stock? If so, why doesn't it say so directly?

Please help!


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Re: Is the Apple Pencil 2nd Gen Out of stock??
Customer Service Rep

ethandw40, We want to ensure you receive your Apple Pencil 2 as desired. We do show that the accessory is in-stock and is shipping normally and therefore isn't on backorder. Was there anything else included in your order? What is your online order location code and store order number?