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Is your iphone 5 battery as bad as mine?

I JUST got the iphone 5 last WEEK and I am ALREADY going to return it.  I was just wondering if every one else's battery was as bad as mine or not?  My battery won't even last ONE DAY without completely dying.  THIS IS JUST NOT RIGHT FOR AN APPLE PRODUCT.   EVERYONE else's seems to be okay with their battery life, but NOT MINE.  I am going to end up returning it to apple and then buying a droid or LG because I KNOW those battery lives are LEGIT.  DO NOT BUY AN IPHONE 5 it SUCKS!! Please save the money and spend it on something else. 

   I even tried dimming the screen(which I shouldn't have to with a BRAND NEW PHONE) and it seemed to help, but still won't last for more than 4 hours!! Thankfully I can return it to apple because I know you can't do that at Verizon

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Re: Is your iphone 5 battery as bad as mine?

Go to the store you got it from and ask for a DOA exchange. (Dead on arrival) It's a manufacturer defect and as long as they can detect the issue, they can replace it under Worry Free Guarantee, for free. Just has to be within 14 days.

Re: Is your iphone 5 battery as bad as mine?

Have u tried turning off certain location services that use your phones GPS? Setting/privacy/location services.

Re: Is your iphone 5 battery as bad as mine?

You could also google "How to make my battery last longer on an iphone5" and see what you get & compare to your settings, if you have your mail set up with the native app or any other mail app it may be set to "fetch" & "push" way to often, which drains the battery quickly, just a suggestion, but I wouldn't give up on the phone because it may be something very simple, or there is the 1 year manufacturer warranty in case you didn't purchase a separate one, just swap it out at the Apple store. Good luck to you on whatever you decide....