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Issue receiving texts from other iPhone, with my data off. They are coming through as iMessages instead of SMS. Why? How can I fix it?

Having issues with receiving texts from other iPhones on my iPhone in Canada, now that I have data off. It looks like this is a problem others have had. I imagine it is linked to iMessage, as I get the messages once I log in on Wi-Fi. I turned off iMessage, and had people send, and STILL they did not come through. Once I turned iMessage back on, they appeared.

I am not receiving texts sent from the US, and from my wife who is here in Canada with her iPhone.

I thought that iMessage worked when one had data, and then SMS kicked in when you didn't. I can send messages, and they are going SMS. So, why when other iPhones send me messages, are they being "held" by iMessage

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Re: Issue receiving texts from other iPhone, with my data off. They are coming through as iMessages instead of SMS. Why? How can I fix it?
Customer Service Rep

Hi gajdab,

We want to get that resolved for you! Sounds like what you are looking to do is send and receive regular text messages instead of using iMessage. You mentioned that you are getting the messages once you connect to Wi-Fi. This is an indication to me that the message being sent to you is an iMessage rather than text. Are these messages blue or green?

If you want to use text messaging as a means of communication rather than iMessage you would need to ensure BOTH iPhones have it setup for text messaging. You stated that you thought iMessage worked when one has data and SMS kicked in when you did not. You can set up your phone that way as the sender. If you touch "Settings" and then select "Messages" and ensure that "Send as SMS" is turned on. From what you have described it seems like you have "Send as SMS" enabled (or iMessage turned off) since you can send as text. The other party would have to also elect to send those messages as text rather than iMessages.

It is the sender of any particular message that chooses the type of communication taking place. I would confer with the other iPhone users to see which type of message they are sending. If they are sending iMessages then they would be "held," as you were so aptly calling that earlier, until you have a data connection as the iMessage service uses data service (Cellular data or Wi-Fi).

If the party you are communicating with confirms they are sending SMS rather than iMessages then this is an indication additional troubleshooting of SMS issues is needed. We would be happy to work with you to ensure the text messaging service is working properly.

Hope this provides sufficient clarity and direction. We want to make sure you have the best customer experience! Let us know if we can do anything else to be of assistance.

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