Issues after Apple update to iOS 11


I have been having several issues since I recently upgraded my Apple iPhone 6Plus to iOS 11.0+.

The issues I have experienced are as follows:

  • Bluetooth automatically turns on
  • Text messages cannot send
  • No LTE internet connection

My zip code is 37924.

My iOS is version 11.1.1.

My Verizon Carrier Setting is Verizon 30.1.

I have rebooted the phone after updating versions. I have also reset network settings. After these resets, I start to receive text messages and voicemails from several days ago. Eventually, the phone goes back to not receiving or delivering data.

Can Verizon please work with Apple to work out these kinks? I am a loyal Verizon customer for 10+ years and hate to see the services have such issues.

Many thanks,

Rosie [removed]

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Re: Issues after Apple update to iOS 11
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Go online with Apple Support, via phone or chat.

Contact - Official Apple Support

You may have to hard reset your device via iTunes, but you'll have to back up information first. Let Apple help you decide next steps.

Re: Issues after Apple update to iOS 11
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I have also been experiencing similar connectivity issues with my 6S Plus since upgrading to ios 11.1.1 and/or Verizon's 30.1 Carrier Settings. I am not sure if one of the updates or both of them is the cause of the problems since I updated both around the same time unfortunately, but I am certain it is one or the other (if not both) as there has been no physical damage to my phone and I have a different iPhone on AT&T that is experiencing no such issues (also updated to same ios).

My problems seem to relate mainly to WiFi and text messages. First and foremost, available networks won't even appear when I go into Settings -> WiFi. Only if I turn the WiFi radio button off, then back on again will some networks then appear. However, the number of networks that appear is significantly smaller than the number of networks that appeared before updating to ios 11.1.1 and Verizon's 30.1 Carrier Settings, even from the same location. Additionally, sometimes I receive strange messages like "Cannot connect to X network" and "Incorrect WiFi password" even though that password is stored and that same stored password works on the same network at other times. When I finally can connect to a WiFi network (which is rare), if the screen shuts off or the phone goes to sleep due to inactivity, the connection will be broken when the screen/phone wakes and I will have to manually go back into Settings -> WiFi, turn the WiFi radio button off, then back on again, and try to connect to a network (assuming it actually appears in the list of available networks, which is hit-or-miss). This is ludicrous.

I've tried all the suggested solutions I could find online, which are primarily to hard reset your phone, reset your network settings, turning off certain new features and turning them back on, and doing a factory reset on your phone - none of which solved my problem. I also have an iPhone 6 that has been experiencing no such problems since updating to ios 11.1.1, though this device is on AT&T's network and not Verizon. This makes me think this problem is isolated to either the iPhone 6S+ or devices using Verizon's network/carrier settings, but it seems like the original poster has iPhone 6S so likely not isolated to just the iPhone 6S+.

Has anyone been able to find any sort of solution to the connectivity problems people on Verizon with iPhone 6+ and iPhone 6S+ seem to have been experiencing since the update to ios and/or carrier settings? OTHER THAN hard resetting the device, resetting network settings, and doing a factory reset on the device?

Re: Issues after Apple update to iOS 11
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  Hi edwardlee21, it would be unlikely a Apple 11.1.2 or a carrier 30.1 update, which are both the latest, would be the problem. I have two iPhones 6s plus 128 GB and both are working fine with these updates.

  I would try going to Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data. If that does not help. Try going into iTunes to recover the iPhone.

Re: Issues after Apple update to iOS 11
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You may not be alone. Conceptually an update might render a particular instance of a model inoperable because of small hardware differences, depending upon where manufactured.

People have this mis-conception that phones are "commodity" devices. Everyone off the assembly line is exactly alike. This is not true. Different assembly centers might have different revision hardware, and say the radio circuitry may differ within a model enough that some behave differently with an update.

I don't think you are alone:

iPhone 6 GPS stopped working & known wi-fi networks won't connect

If hard resetting didn't clear the problem, I'd probably try to get into a different phone if practical.

Re: Issues after Apple update to iOS 11
Verizon Employee

Edwardlee21, we are sorry to hear that your phone has been experiencing these issues. You certainly have taken some great steps to get this corrected. While we have not seen this issue after the update, it is clear that you are indeed experiencing this frustration. You mentioned completing a factory restore. When doing this, did you restore from a back up or choose the option to restore as new?


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Re: Issues after Apple update to iOS 11
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Oh very good point! Restoring from a Backup might replicate the problem..


The OP might want to backup important photos, music and the like to a PC, then try restore as new if that wasn't attempted.

Re: Issues after Apple update to iOS 11
Customer Service Rep

Rosiesasso, we truly understand how important it is to make sure your device is working properly, especially after a recent software update. Please allow us to further investigate the details. We have not heard of any known issues with iOS 11.1.1. Can you please let us know what type of messaging app you are using on your device (third party, VZW messages, preloaded app)? Also, you have mentioned that there is no LTE internet connection on your device, please clarify if this concern is continuous or does the LTE signal appear periodically? Lastly, with the Bluetooth concern, can you please let us know if you use a Bluetooth accessory for your device? Also, do you notice if the Bluetooth turns on by itself after you restart your device or on its own periodically without turn your phone off?




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