Issues already. Can’t receive calls or text messages

I was just talking to a rep over the Verizon chat and she said she was transferring me over to get an updated on the ticket in how I can’t even receive calls or text messages. I’ve been dealing with this since Sept 23 or so when I got my new phone and ported over my number due to it being linked to multiple things that’s need to send me a code to log in or I don’t have access to that stuff anymore. I wasn’t able to get any calls from my doctors , nurses, nor notifications about anything regrading sms needing to be sent (codes, links, etc) 


This has been frustrating I was trying to see if I can get a credit because of this key thing I needed before trading having issues and they’re trying to up sales me things and ignore that I can’t even do much with my phone besides get iMessage texts. I just wanted a credit for time without service and check on the ticket they told me they were doing on the 26th and I don’t even get that. Only down fall about boost was I couldn’t text in hospitals or medical facilities which I need to now. I kind of regret switching over so far it’s just been a stressful mess where I can’t access most of my stuff let alone get an answer for my questions.  

I should’ve known there would be an issue when I had my trade in phone showing texts and this one wasn’t even showing messages.

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