Issues with Upgrading and Customer Service
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I have been trying to upgrade one line (out of 7) on my account and it has been an absolute nightmare. Apparently, I cannot upgrade without putting down a $900 deposit, which is basically the cost of the phone. All of my lines are current and more than 50% paid off. No rep can give me an actual reason why all of a sudden I can’t upgrade without a huge deposit. Some reps say it is because of the Stay Connected Program, others disagree. Some reps said I needed to have a zero balance on my account and pay my bill early, so I decided to pay my $500 bill 10 days early. Still didn’t do anything. Back in June, I was placed into the Stay Connected program, without asking if this is something I would like to be included in, when I was a couple days late with my bill. Turns out, getting out of this program takes an act of God, and no one knows what they are talking about. I have spent roughly 12 hours on the phone with Verizon over the last week, getting different information from different people. I have begged several representatives to let me pay the measly $80 I owe on this program, and you are not allowed to pay it off early until paperwork has been filed and it hits your next bill. Never heard of a company NOT wanting my money, but I digress. It seems ridiculous that I cannot upgrade one phone that is 50% paid off, on an account that is and has been current. The entire reason I have been with Verizon for nearly a decade is the customer service and the ability to upgrade my phone regularly. Considering that customer service has been incredibly unhelpful and I still cannot upgrade my phone, I don’t see a reason to stay. Every time I call Verizon to ask questions about canceling my service, I sit on hold forever waiting to be connected, until I eventually hang up. Currently on minute 20, without any human interaction. 

Anyone else experiencing a similar issue?

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Re: Issues with Upgrading and Customer Service
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We will do everything we can to help regarding your upgrade options.  A private message has been sent to assist you further.

Re: Issues with Upgrading and Customer Service
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I had a different type of upgrade problem, but a problem nonetheless.

The phone customer service with Verizon is beyond shocking.  It's really disappointing and a bad look for the Verizon brand.

Re: Issues with Upgrading and Customer Service
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Seems issues with rebates and upgrade been reported a lot on here lately so maybe more hassle for you I do agree with your views on there lack of help and excuses they use seems we the customer are just a disturbance to them as they put obstacles and other things for us to go through

Re: Issues with Upgrading and Customer Service

I would like to see this problem resolved I do not understand what management are doing that they are so busy to take a look at this issue. Been with Verizon for more than 10 years and it’s getting bad that a client will pay what you guys say to pay with drawl the money out of the bank and two days trying to get a hold of a tracking number or what’s going on with the order and I did this to get it before Christmas and no one can give me no information