Issues with VM on iphone

From what I am reading online, voicemail is the carrier's feature.  My iphone 11 has the most recent IOS system installed.  Recently I noticed I haven't been receiving any voicemails.  I called my number from my husband's phone (to leave a message, not to retrieve messages) and my mailbox used to say (using DEFAULT greeting) "your call has been forwarded to an automated voice messaging system, xxx-xxx-xxxx", then a beep, and then you'd talk and leave your message.  I would then be alerted that I have a new voicemail.  Now it says "your call etc..." but no longer leaves my cell number and it will not save the voicemail.  It also doesn't show on my phone app or when I dial to retrieve my vm that I have a vm.  It never saves the message left.

I've reset my network settings, nothing has worked.  What else could be causing this?

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