Items missing from order

New IPhone 13 Pro Max was ordered with Otterbox case and Magsafe wireless charger.  The charger was not in the box.   Contacted customer car to be told to file a claim with the carrier.  Two issues with this, the box was not opened nor tampered with.  The 2nd issue was that when filing a claim with the carrier as I was told by Verizon rep the only options are lost package or damaged.  Package was not damaged nor was it lost.  The sealed box was missing items that were not packed so I did not have appropriate option to file a claim with UPS.  No direct path on website to report issues with order.  The item is now on backorder but I cant help to think this is why it didn't come however pack slip lists it and states nothing about backordered.   Please help.

Re: Items missing from order
Customer Service Rep

Accessories can ship separately, have you had a chance to make sure these were not received at either an earlier time, or anyone else received it in the residence before the phones arrived? If they were not received separately, then we would need to file an ITTS ticket for outbound delivery for a missing item on our end. Since the issue occurred from receiving the item this means we have to file the ticket with the courier, and not you. The only time a customer would is if they are shipping something to us. *Gert