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Just some easy questions about the iphone 5!

So I've always wanted a Iphone, but didn't really need one until recently, as I am about to enter as a freshman for college. Currently, my family has a phone plan with Verizon Wireless which expires on the 01/22/13, Instead of waiting for 4 months, I want to get the Iphone 5 now. So today I called customer service and asked if I could just resign the 2 year contract under a new plan that has less minutes (we never end up using all 700 minutes, I believe 500 is way more than enough) add unlimited texting and 2 gb of data. He said, i have to be on the 20th month limit and stuff like that, which means on the 09/22/12 (i've confirmed this online, which also states that i am eligible for a discount on 09/22/12 on device upgrades)

My questions are

1. Will I be getting the Iphone 5 16gb for the 199 price?

2. Will I be able to break even with the bill since I am subtracting minutes and adding texting + data plan or will there be an increase?

3. Will stores in Orange Country be carrying Iphones instore on the 22nd?

and that is all of the questions that I can think of right now.

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Re: Just some easy questions about the iphone 5!
Champion - Level 3

1. Yes, if you purchase when eligible then you can get whichever one you want at the advertised price

2. Not really sure I can answer that. Depends on what you pay total right now versus the estimated amount for the plan you want to switch to

3. Apple and VZW stores should have the phone in store on the 21st...if they will sell out before the 22nd can not be answered. Just depends on the demand in your area. You can check the various retailers in your area on the 22nd to see if they have them still in stock.