LTE Issues

I am in the Kingston NY area, more specfically Locust St. in Kingston NY 12401. Every single day my phone and my co-workers who also use Verizon have no issues in the morning. From around 12pm - end of day we have severe service issues. Nothing will load, text messages won't even send. This has been progressively getting worse over the last few months. I just got the iphone 11 pro and it is doing it on this phone as well. It will say we have complete full service 4G LTE but still nothing works. If we leave the area of this specific street service does start to work a little better. Last time I made an inquiry about this the representative said it was my phone's internal antennae not working properly, but I have a new phone now and the issue persists. 

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Re: LTE Issues
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That sounds like a network congestion issue