LTE on, but no internet connection (iPhone X)

I just got a brand new iPhone X yesterday and discovered that I don’t get internet connection in certain places, even though I have service and LTE. How can I fix this?? I’ve tried turning cellular data off and on, airplane mode off and on, restarting the phone, and resetting the network settings and it still doesn’t work. I live in Dayton, OH (45429)

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If you find a solution to this issue, please let me know. I also have an iPhone X, and I actually just got a brand new one to try and resolve this problem… To no avail by the way, and it’s driving me nuts. I’m about to switch carriers.

- new SIM card

-reset network settings

- new iPhone

- factory reset of phone

NOTHING fixes it!!

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I just changed from TMobile because of areas of no reception in the middle of a very populated area of Utah County, UT.  I purchased an iPhone XR when I made the switch and it is giving me LTE but no internet in many areas. I am not happy and might go back to TMobile if the problem can't be resolved. 

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We are happy to have you join our Verizon family.  Let’s get to the bottom of this reception issue.  Is there a phone number to contact you at for further assistance?