Lied by Sales Rep, bait and switch. No support
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I just wanted to get this out there to as many forums/posts/reviews as I can.

Pretty much a sales agent told me that if I ported my numbers over I could get 3 iphone 13's for free on each line. I was pretty much given the bait and switch, they said wait 2-3 billing cycles for it to hit. Then when I noticed I was being lied to I contacted customer service. I've never witnessed such horrible/abysmal customer service ever in my life. God forbid you have ANY issues with them, 100% of the time they just shrug their shoulders. Being with Verizon for only a few months causes me stress. I will be heading back to T-Mobile and will try my best to NEVER recommend them to anyone going forward for as long as I live, my family will never do business with them again.

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