Limited 5G
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Has anyone else had issues not getting 5G? All I seem to access is LTE most of the time. I have it turned on the 5G Auto, but it barely connects to 5G depending on where I am. I am in a 5G area but it stays on LTE and the LTE lags. Does anyone else have this issue or a possible solution? My iPhone 13 Pro had no issues with connecting to 5G access regularly.

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Re: Limited 5G
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I’m having the same issue. It only connects to 5G towers for maybe 3-5 mins before going back to the Stone Age . I hope they resolve this and fast because I’m not paying to have shady service. I pay them and their ‘products’ better work!! Only I guess they can get away with not doing anything about it because well nobody’s going to stop them from doing nothing at all.

are there some settings  somewhere that could b changed to prevent say the phone from connecting to an LTE tower and then having it forced to get on the 5G towers?

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Re: Limited 5G
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Hi there. Most phones are programmed to choose the strongest network at any given time. Since 5G is noy everywhere it is not possible to only be on the 5G. Your phones settings may allow you to choose to stay on 5G when and where available. What is your phones make and model?