Living overseas and want to unlock iphone

I am living overseas for 2 years with the peace corps and I would really love to be able to use my iphone with a carrier here, but it is currently locked. Verizon is frustratingly hard to contact to get anything answered! Is there any way I can get my phone unlocked to use while i am abroad?

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Re: Living overseas and want to unlock iphone
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Greetings from back home in the U.S., ardpcaff! I hope you're having a pleasant stay. I'm sorry to see that you're not able to use your iPhone with a local carrier. It's true that the device has a default "locked" setting against usage on most foreign wireless providers. While we do offer some options for a "locked" device, we are unfortunately unable to help after the fact. If you do plan to return to the U.S. temporarily over the next 2 years, please reach out to Customer Service for assistance with your device. Thanks!

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