Long SMS messages not being automatically chained anymore

The long texts I receive are being garbled into multiple messages and out of order. They used to be automatically chained but this stopped happening about 1 month ago. I went through all Verizon trouble shooting steps. But the problem still persists. 

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Re: Long SMS messages not being automatically chained anymore
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We don't want this to be an ongoing problem. Our goal is to make sure that you stay connected to your friends and family via text message. Our existing text messaging service can only send and receive a single text message of up to 160 characters long, one at a time.

Therefore, up to 7 text messages of 160 characters each will link together for one Enhanced text message over 1000 characters long. This is considered an enhanced message. Are you using the text messaging feature on your phone? Did you download a third party text messaging application to your device? 


For more information regarding Messaging/Text Messaging on our network, click the link below: https://www.verizonwireless.com/support/text-messaging-faqs/#multimedia-cost