Lost IPhone 13 pro max

Ups lost my package. Verizon told me I have to wait until ups located the lost package to receive a new phone. Meanwhile more and more iPhones are back ordered and now I have to wait until at least December and Verizon is basically blaming me the customer and refuse to send a new phone or do anything for me. 

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Re: Lost IPhone 13 pro max

Same problem here.  UPS damaged the package (which probably means stolen) and my phone number is "locked" into the upgrade order which will never be "completed".  They can't just send me another phone because my number is locked into the previous order.  I have had 3 tickets  generated over the last month trying to resolve the issue.  I have spent almost 8 hours on hold over 3 different calls within a month navigating their customer service maze.   It is a nightmare.  Their business model is generate a "ticket" tell you it will take a couple of days to resolve.  Which it won't... you will call them back and do the same insanity over and over.   

My advice is never take the option for upgrade through them ever again.  Purchase the phone in person for full price from a retailer or 3rd party.  At least that way if the thing is lost/stolen in transit it won't burden you down.