Lousy customer service

I have been lied to several times this week by Verizon wireless customer service reps and even someone who claimed to be a supervisor. For days I’ve been trying to get the phone I ordered and paid for shipped. Every day the rep promises it will be shipped out and it never gets shipped. When I call back in the rep promises to check and call me back. They never call back. I asked to talk to a supervisor and someone came on claiming they were a supervisor. I told them how for days I was calling trying to get my phone shipped and no one had any idea why it wasn’t shipped. I also told him that two different reps promised to call me back and never did. He then promised to check on it and call me back. His exact words were “I come in at 10:00 as soon as I come in I’ll call you. Well he never did . After waiting a few hours I called the 800 number again and they could see him online and sent him a message asking why he didn’t call me and he refused to answer. So I asked to talk to another supervisor who told me I had no right to make a complain. Great customer service isn’t it ?

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Re: Lousy customer service
Customer Service Rep

We understand how important it is to know the status of your order and when your device will be shipped. This is not the experience that we ever want to provide you. Please give us an opportunity to turn this around and investigate further. We can assure you that our intention is to help. Did you receive a call back or have you received any updates regarding the order?



Re: Lousy customer service
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Considering a shipping issue isn't a customer service issue, I dunno what you were expecting. A supervisor isn't a magic fix it button.

Better use of time would have been getting the order canceled followed by ordering the phone elsewhere.