Lower my bill

I have an iPhone X and an Apple Watch. Both will be paid off next month and my bill used to be around 150 but now it's around $200/mo and the last couple months have been over $300 for various stupid fees and such. I have checked my add-ons and the only one that isn't free is the $30/mo for protection which I will not get rid of. I have enrolled in AutoPay to lower it $10/mo. Is there anything else I can shave off of my bill? It shows they don't charge additional for the hotspot (Included in my plan) but I remember turning that on, getting a fee for turning it on, and my bill has been high ever since. I don't need my hotspot anymore so will turning it off, lower my payment any?

Re: Lower my bill
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Nobody in this forum has access or knowledge of your charges. Log into your account and open your most recent bill. You can also print it if you want. It will have a breakdown description of each of your charges including all taxes and additional charges if any.