Major Issues with Connectivity

Store employees tells us we’re “in the slow lane” with our plan, so we up it. 
Tech support says Verizon “stands behind their phones with the understanding that they are meant for outdoor use”. Suggests we get our local internet to support our $180 monthly phones. 
Tech does phone resets, says they’ll call back - it’s been 2 weeks, still waiting on that call. 
We still have no ability to use any services - games, podcasts, streaming apps, calls or texts. Forget the internet, it’ll take days for a page to open. 
We just want to know when the contract is up so we can return to Tracfone where we never experienced anything close to this level of problems - & they actually have customer service. Then we’ll get local internet and have phones and still be paying less than we are now for two phones that behave as if we’ve been cut off. 
So, Verizon, if you’re reading this, we’re still waiting for: 1) a tech callback 2) a service callback to access Disney/Hulu as the links never worked and 3) a service contract date end.  #TerribleService #WakeUpVerizon

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Customer Service Rep


Hello!  We would be more than happy to assist you. Please follow Send us a DM.*Leyla