Mandatory Junk Reporting iOS 16
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There appears to be a reportedly carrier dependent iOS 16 "feature" that requires the user to confirm or decline to "report junk" for absolutely any imessage conversation delete that is from a number not in your contacts. There is no opt out and it's really quite the opposite of iOS / Clean UI standards...

I understand some people have spam text messages but I literally never do whatsoever. I have dozens of short code senders for authentications, receipts etc that I don't want to have to add to my contact list including all the times an organization uses a new short code address.

This seems to be some forced Verizon data mining gimmick to "cut down" on junk with mandatory crowd sourced user input. It's adding extra steps for people that never have this issue and it's really sloppy ham fisted UI design.

Please someone add an opt-out control for this "feature" (when the report junk option was always available anyway).

I can't see any point to this other than a "you're going to do this for us and deal with it" attitude

Relatively minor issue? Sure but I delete a bunch of short code messages a day and it makes it that much more frustrating for no reason, not to mention the principal of nag-ware and mandatory pointless frustrating UI choices should be pushed back against or the whole experience starts to decline.

Just an opt-out control would suffice

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Re: Mandatory Junk Reporting iOS 16
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