Message+ for Windows - Installation issue
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I recently received this notice --- VZW Free Msg: NOTICE - Action required By October 1, 2021. Verizon has detected that you have an older Windows Message+ app on one or more devices that will need to be upgraded. You may no longer have access through your Windows Message+ application after October 1, 2021 and will be required to upgrade to continue using the app. Please click to access the latest version of Message+:

I clicked the link and followed through with the download onto my laptop and desktop.  When finished (either computer), I clicked the "launch" button and got this message:

 "Start messaging." When I click that, the next window asks for my Device Name and Verizon Wireless number and says "To make sure we have the right number, we'll send a text message to your phone. After entering those and hitting the "submit" button, it sends the code. After entering the code and hitting the "verify" button, a get one of 2 screens :

You have an incompatible version of Message+ on your primary device. Please upgrade your primary device with the latest version of Message+, then try again.

I have the latest version of Message+ on my Iphone from the app store.  The version number is 5.1.0 and is the only version available on the Apple app store.  I have tried deleting and the reinstalling the app, but I still get the same error.


Invalid Pin (I entered the pin sent by VZ as soon as I received it.

What do I need to do install Message+ on my laptop and desktop, both of which run Windows10?

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Same problem.

I can download to any number of Windows 10 PCs, all with current updates:

It claims to be Version 3.0.0. It will install and launch fine on any Windows 10 PC, it will prompt me for a PIN code, I will receive the 6 digit pin on my iPhone, and enter it correctly.

And on every PC and with every attempt, it will reject the valid PIN code with a message that I need to install the latest version on my "primary device". However, I do HAVE the latest version of the Message+ app re-installed onto my iPhone.